Our Founder

Our Founder starts off as a young and ambitious entrepreneur who had the dream of helping people solve everyday problems with natural solutions. With a Passion for cooking and science at age 6, conducting experiments with food and elements was a daily occurrence. Over time this passion grew into a yearning to manufacture gummies, bath bombs and other unique items alike. As curiosity grew so did the opportunity to make products that offered holistic benefits to its consumers.

Once learning about CBD in 2013, he realized that if he could naturally reduce anxiety and stress in the classroom and work place, it could optimize time and efficiency. Poised with a didactic learning style and DIY approach he began to explore what hemp could be. Unfortunately at that time, the Hemp derived CBD space was full of recreational brands that used ingredients like Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Ethanol filled extracts to supply their customers.

The market needed a clean, transparent and high quality brand to give customers both a complete product as well as the education behind it. Paired with the notions to heal your mind, body and soul, CBCeuticals was born. With a comprehensive line of Sublingual’s, Topical’s, Vapables, Edibles, and Body care products to help restore balance and equilibrium to your life.