Are you in the market for CBD products?

If you are in the market for CBD products, Consider the following points.

  1. Whats the difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil (CBD oil has active cannabonoids, Hemp oil does not)
  2. Most Hemp oil is extracted from seed and stalk, however CBD oil is extracted from Hemp arieal parts.
  3. Most commercial sites selling Hemp oil, do so because their website prohibits the sale of the active ingredient or cannabonoids typically found to give the therapeutic benefit associated with the Hemp plant. This is not only confusing but can be deceptive.
  4. When shopping for CBD products, consider the following, where is your CBD coming from? Ours is organically grown domestically in the USA.
  5. Do you know if the products you are purchasing are 100% THC free (legally CBD oil can have .3% THC)
  6. Nothing is wrong with THC unless you are getting drug tested at work.
  7. Are your products crafted with conventional ingredients or USDA certified organic ingredients. (our products use USDA certified organic and vegan ingredients)
  8. Are your products third party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, microbial, cannonaded concentration. (All of our products are tested twice, before and after production to ensure we have zero percent of the above mentioned toxins)
  9. Cannabinoids are the active components of CBD oil that’s so costly
  10. Cost is measured by active cannabinoid concentration.


We believe CBCeuticals offers the highest quality and best valued Cannabinoid (CBD) based products on the market today.